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Snow Day

March 6, 2013

Today is a snow day. When I was a child, that meant the best possible thing a kid could ever hope for…no school! I remember feeling like the entire world had been transformed and made new and perfect. There were no schedules, no places to go, no homework, no bossy teachers, no rude kids, no smelly bus rides. The entire day was wide open and waiting just for me to fill it with wonderful creative pursuits. Then my brother got up and we played video games and watched The Three Stooges all day. Oh well, it was still a snow day. Today, I have to do things despite the snow. I will even have to get out in it and, yikes!, drive! At least my vehicle has four wheel drive, because out here in the boondocks of Indiana, the snow plow doesn’t come on days that end in ‘y’. 

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